Recent shifts in the modern day employment market will not have escaped the attention of most. Whereas previously academic excellence would stand a student in good stead for obtaining employment after education, employers and recruiters are increasingly seeking candidates with a broader range of skills and the knowledge and experience to hit the work place running. It has therefore become essential that employability training is embedded into school curriculums to properly prepare students for the next stages of their lives.

This course covers all aspects of employability training from assessing students' workplace readiness prior to teaching, through to seeking and maintaining employment and future career planning, with a strong emphasis on transferrable skills and their pivotal role in the modern world of employment.

It is presented as a blended learning course, with many expert-developed resources that are free to download and use in the classroom. The modules can be approached in any order and can be completed in isolation of each other, however it is advised that they are completed in a linear fashion.

Course Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flashplayer, Java Plugin, MS Office or MS Office compatible document reader, Windows or Mac OS, access to the internet, most browsers supported