Here you will find a number of course modules around the chances and challenges of the use of technology in the classroom.

Social media has become pervasive in today's world - just watch or read the news and see how often political or social movements are publicized via Twitter. Social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Instagram, occupy an increasing consciousness in the modern digital society, and not only for personal communication. But can social media also be used for educational purposes, and specifically within second chance education/ adult education? Various teachers across Europe and the world have explored this topic and have created lesson plans, written articles and shared their experiences.

This e-learning offer introduces you to key concepts of social media. It provides an overview of effective ways to use social media, presents theoretical information about social media and its usage as well as some real-life examples of social media platforms being used for assignments and topic engagement. Furthermore, the course addresses some cautions regarding social media use, touching on the topics of digital safety and cyber-bullying.

The course contains several interactive elements such as quizzes and discussion forums and offers links to further in-depth resources. It is presented as a digital learning course, designed to be followed individually. Some resources such as lesson plans are free to download and use in the classroom.

Course duration:
60 minutes.

System requirements: 
Windows 8 or more recent, Adobe Flash Player 12, other plugins

Learn how you can use ICT for teaching -- from e-learnings to mobile assignments, video and audio recordings, and more!

This course teaches students to be in control of their own learning by providing audiovisual means that students can use whenever they need to. You will learn:

  • how to upload video or audio files for students to use them as often as they would like, e.g. for training a language
  • how to guide students to helpful video ressources, which already exist on the internet by embedding them in your course
  • how to produce your own tutorial by using easy means like power point or free apps
  • how to combine Video or audio files with questions and remarks which help your students to reflect on the provided information